Top Memories in Europe

Our five-week trip to Europe has been a whirl of professional development and business activities sprinkled liberally with many, many great travel experiences. Sometimes the line between the two sets of activities blurs and overlaps–and that’s what keeps us coming back as often as we can. I’m following up on my one-week Rome blog with a list of our all-time favorite moments of our Europe 2017 sojourn. The moments are in no particular order–a description of a concert in Paris might rub []

Bella Roma

We are spending nine nights in Rome in April of 2017 during an exhibition of Gregg Simpson’s paintings at the Arte Borgo gallery just around the corner from our lovely apartment a few hundred meters from St. Peter’s Cathedral. Click the link to view a video of the exhibition. This trip marks the sixth time that both Gregg and I have been to Rome (although not all trips together!). Gregg’s first trip was in 1958 when he was eleven and my first []