I’m fascinated by stories of how women made their contributions to culture over the centuries. Most people can name dozens of male artists, composers, and other creative people without batting an eye. However, fewer people can name more than a handful of women who have made significant contributions to culture. I want to celebrate the often untold stories of women in the arts by telling the stories of fictional women who dedicated their lives to creating art.

My first series of novels is a trilogy about women in the arts. None of the three novels in the trilogy are directly related in terms of characters and setting. However, all three focus on stories about women who made the creation of art their life’s work.

The first novel, The Towers of Tuscany (Lake Union Publishing, 2014) tells the story of a painter in medieval Italy. The second novel, A Woman of Note (Lake Union Publishing, 2015) tells the story of a composer and piano virtuoso in the 1830’s in Vienna and Paris. My latest novel, The Muse of Fire follows the journey of an actress on stage at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden in the tumultuous early years of the 19th Century.


My hope is that by telling the stories of fictional women in the arts, readers will be inspired to research the stories of the real women who made so many contributions to culture through the centuries.

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