Carol at Banyen Books

Carol at Banyen Books

My third historical novel, The Muse of Fire, is finished and will very shortly be ready for the world! The Muse of Fire completes my loosely-related trilogy of novels about women in the arts.  The Towers of Tuscany  about a woman artist in 14th century Tuscany was released in December 2014 by Lake Union Publishing and A Woman of Note  about a woman composer in 19th century Vienna was released on September 8, 2015 by Lake Union Publishing.

The e-book edition of The Muse of Fire (Kindle Press) will be available sometime in December of 2017, followed very shortly after by the paper edition published by New Arcadia Publishing. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, here is the cover!

Muse of Fire Light White


At Chanticleer Authors Conference

NEWS FLASH! My first two novels won awards at the Chanticleer Authors Conference (April, 2017 in Bellingham, WA). The Towers of Tuscany won First Place in its Category in the Chaucer Award and A Woman of Note won First Place in its Category in the Goethe Award.

And to top off a perfect evening, The Towers of Tuscany was the Grand Prize Winner of the Chaucer Award. Many thanks to the organizers of an excellent conference and to Lake Union Publishing.

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In addition to writing novels, I love to travel and to blog about my travels. My latest trip was to France and Italy and in 2015, I visited New Zealand. Check out my six New Zealand blogs:

Supplementary Materials on the Novels

If you’ve enjoyed my novels, you’ll find supplementary information on this Web site.




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