Discover love in all its flavors in this fun, food-infused romp through Paris that is as crisp, sweet, and smooth as the perfect macaron..

“A perfect escape. This romantic and engaging story has a delightful humorous touch. Cram’s lovely writing brings Paris and its many treasures to life. I truly felt like an armchair traveler…what a delight!” – .

Amy Maroney, Author of The Miramonde Trilogy

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Cram's passion for Paris is apparent on every page, and the book is chock-full of rich descriptions of famous landmarks like the Louvre and mouthwatering dishes such as bouillabaisse ...Genna is an intriguing hero: a woman who has experienced motherhood and switched careers midlife, leading her to the place she's always wanted to live, with surprises around every corner and an open mind to receive them ... A vivid tale" - Kirkus Reviews

A delicious feast for foodies and Francophiles ~ Paris has never tasted better! – Patricia Sands, Author of Drawing Lessons

Take a dash of travel, stir in some flirtation, and add a pinch of sparkle to a woman's life after she leaves her husband to write a cookbook on the other side of the world. Set in the bustling bistros of Paris, this book adventures into the deep cauldrons and heady filled chalices of true love. - Cathleen With, award-winning writer of Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison

Paris may be for lovers, but cookbook author Genna McGraw is definitely not looking for love. She’s looking for escape and she's looking for a good runny Brie to pair with a smooth Bordeaux. Where better than Paris?

In Love Among the Recipes, Genna goes to the City of Light to get away from her philandering husband and write a “crossover cookbook/guidebook” that matches Parisian sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre with recipes for bistro-style French dishes. All goes well…for a while. Genna dabbles in romance with dishy French lawyer Pierre Leblanc and makes friends at her French class with Colorado transplant Marsha Renfrew.

And then there’s big, blunt Bill Turner from Australia. Does he really eat crocodile steaks for tea?

But when Genna’s family crashes her new life in Paris, a crisis forces her to choose how she wants to live. Will she have the courage to embrace an uncertain future and risk losing everything?