I’m a west coast girl born and bred. Way back in the 20th Century (won’t say how far back) I was born in Victoria, BC, and brought up without incident in Vancouver. I marvel often at my incredible good fortune to have been given wonderful parents, a secure home life, and a so far very happy life.

I have to delve into my imagination to find strife, but perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.

Academically, I have a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Reading in England where I spent three very interesting years back in the 1970s. I then received a Post-graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Durham in Northern England, and taught high school English and Drama for three years in British Columbia. In the early 1980’s, I took off for Toronto where I hung out for a few years and earned an MA in Drama from the University of Toronto. A few years ago, in 2009, I completed an online MBA from the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Cover of Word 2013 Illustrated Complete by Carol Cram and Jennifer Duffy

Comprehensive New Textbook on Word 2013

Professionally, I’ve been a university lecturer, a college instructor (Capilano University in North Vancouver for 22 years), a workshop facilitator in business communications, and a freelance communications consultant. My company, Carol Cram Consulting, provides clients with writing and document design services, and helps them navigate the interesting, but sometimes challenging, waters of independent publishing. I’m also in the middle of a long and interesting career as a writer of textbooks, primarily for Course Technology-Cengage Learning in Boston. To date, I’ve written about 50 books that teach college-level students how to use computer applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and how to communicate effectively in business. This career is still going strong. You can check out my list of textbooks on my business Web site.

Since 2008, I’ve devoted most of my time to three activities: writing, travelling, and enjoying life. They go together very well. I am extremely lucky to live with west coast artist Gregg Simpson (just past the 33-year mark!) on beautiful Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. We have a lovely daughter who is all grown up now.