Europe 2010: The Vernissage!

It’s been almost 48 hours since the opening of Gregg’s exposition — where does the time go?! So much to see and do.

The opening was a lot of fun even though not that many people were there. However, since we don’t really know anyone in Paris, we were glad of the dozen or so people who showed up! Two of the people we’d met at Jim Haynes’ Sunday dinner came and one of them made a video of the opening. Hopefully I’ll have a link to it soon.

Entrance to the Espace Kameleon before the opening

An older Vietnamese lady bought one of the drawings after spending a long time looking intently at each work in the show. She didn’t speak any English, but fortunately an art colleage of Gregg’s who lives in Paris was there and could translate the logistics of how she would actually get the drawing! Because of the complicated customs requirements and the fact that the entire exhibition must go to Lisbon, we needed to communicate to the woman that the drawing would need to go back to Canada and then be shipped to her in about five weeks. Fortunately, she didn’t mind waiting and gave us her address and 100 euros downpayment!

Here are pictures of the opening, including rather a nice one of Gregg and me standing in front of two of the paintings. The show really does look amazing. People were very impressed and many had lots to say about Gregg’s influences, how he uses color, his composition, etc.

Gregg and Carol at the Opening
Cheryl Reid enjoying a glass of wine
People handing out at the opening

After the opening, we went out for a celebatory dinner — an excellent swordfish fillet swimming in butter with a pistachio nougat for dessert. It’s a good thing I had another exercise class planned for the next day.

All in all a successful evening! Gregg feels very heartened by the response of the people who have seen the exposition either at the opening or who have come in during the day. People really look carefully at the work are very positive. I have to say it’s nice to hear people say “C’est superbe” in their fabulous French accents!