Europe 2010: The Countdown Begins

With just 20 odd hours to go before my plane takes off for Europe, I’m feeling just about as prepared as I’ll ever be. I’m all packed and already horrified by the weight of my suitcase. As a card carrying member of the travel light school, I never would have dreamed that I would one day take a suitcase that feels as if it weighs more than I do.  Throw in the computer and two of Rick Steves’ travel guides and I’m grateful I took up weight training over the summer.

Our first of what I hope will be no more disasters has already occurred. Gregg emailed in a panic to tell me that the shippers will not deliver the crate of paintings to the gallery on Monday morning in Paris until they receive payment. Well of course we should have anticipated this, but somehow did not. I guess we just thought that the nice French shippers would send us a bill that we could then pay at our leisure.

Gregg is stuck in Amsterdam en route to Paris with no way to coordinate banking and the shippers won’t take Visa. Fortunately, the problem was easily solved with a wire transfer from our bank here in Canada. I went to the Royal Bank, had the money wired to the shipper’s bank in Paris and voila — the shipment should be released and delivered to the gallery on Monday morning.

I subsequently discovered that I could have done the whole transaction online and paid $15 instead of paying $40 to do the transaction at the bank. Gregg also could have done the transaction online from Amsterdam. It’s about time we made it into the 21st Century.

My flight leaves at 8:20 pm on Friday, September 17. I fly to Paris via Amsterdam, then lug my luggage onto the RER train that will whisk me from Charles de Gaulle to the metro stop close to our apartment in the 14th arrondisement–just a block from the gallery where Gregg will be showing. My only worry now is that I will be able to connect with Gregg at the apartment. But we both have our phones and how hard could it be?

Stay tuned!

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