Praise for The Towers of Tuscany

As of July 2015, The Towers of Tuscany has received almost 600 reviews on Amazon!

A wonderful book worth reading. Carol M Cram has created a masterpiece. – D.M. Lawrence

“. . .a beautifully crafted masterpiece of historical fiction that takes
the reader full circle as they turn through the pages. . . . 6 out of 5 stars.” – David Rieckmann

The author writes with knowledge of the era and art, but most importantly writes a cracking good story. Her pace and tension never let up, and her characters are well-drawn. The setting is so good I could smell the summer heat and the sewers that run down the streets. Everything about this novel will keep you turning the pages. Bravo!! Highly recommended. – Julie H. Ferguson

I’ve just finished this treasure of a book, and thoroughly enjoyed it . . . It’s a fascinating and surprising tale, with a great female protagonist (Sofia), and is a moving portrayal of a supremely gifted and visionary young woman trapped by the social conventions of her society.  . . . The author pulls no punches in tackling many disturbing and tragic elements of the story, elements that were faced daily in the lives of people who lived during this dark time. The detail regarding the technicalities of painting and fresco work are astounding. This is the kind of depth that inspires me to explore the subject further, and heightens my appreciation of period art, significantly.  I highly recommend this book, and hope more will be forthcoming. – Paul Hooson

“If you love historical novels, if you love strong female characters who are  conflicted and passionate and fight for what they love, if you love literary  novels that inform you but aren’t out to be too “teachy”–while still teaching you about a fascinating time in Italian art, then this book is for you.” – Cathleen With, award-winning author of “Having Faith in the Polar Girl’s Prison”

“If you liked The Girl with the Pearl Earring [by Tracy Chevalier], you will love this book!” – Pam Conrad

The author has done a phenomenal amount of research not only into the period, but also into the location and the art of paint and mixing paints. The storyline has plenty of engaging twists and turns, while the heroine is completely believable and portrayed with credibility. There is plenty of depth in the writing and a good steady pace that will take the reader to a very satisfying ending. This is one book I very highly recommend! Especially for those who love the arts! Love, adversity, and a woman who chases her dream. What more could anyone want in a ripping good yarn. – Great Historicals

“This novel has it all – intrigue, love, suspense and more and I highly recommend it as a good read.” – Nancy McLachlan

“This is a great page turner!” – Pat Kostuk

“Carol artistically sculpts imagery and atmosphere for The Towers of Tuscany with charming, well-crafted metaphors that effectively sketched me into the landscape and weaved the very essence of her characters into my being. I became so personally invested in the story I resisted putting it down. When I did put it down, her characters continued to occupy my thoughts.” – Davina Haisell


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