Lisbon – Show Opens October 9

We spent the day having a good wander around the three main downtown neighborhoods – the Bairro Alto (where we are staying), the Baixo (lower town), and the Alfama (where the gallery is located and where we will stay for nine days starting next week).

The weather started out glorious and ended up alternating between rain and sun. We bought umbrellas and just got used to putting them up and taking them down every few minutes! Lisbon sparkling in the sunshine is very appealing. We look forward to exploring it more thoroughly next week.

The opening of the exhibition is in the evening so we decided to take it pretty easy during the day. I indulged myself in a few hours of shopping and Gregg did some drawing back at the apartment.

In the early evening we grabbed a cab and went over to the Gallery. The opening was very nicely hosted — lots of wine and nibblies and an OK crowd. The owner blamed the rain for the relatively thin turnout compared to what they usually got. Apparently, rain in Lisbon is rare enough at this time of year to scare people away. That was a shame but we managed to have a pretty good time chatting with the people who did come and with the other artists.

Representatives from the Norwegian embassy came to see the Norwegian artist. They were nice to talk to. Apparently the Canadian embassy has wanted to send someone but then called to say that no one was available since this was Thanksgiving weekend back home. I guess the government officials in Lisbon get the Monday holiday and so use the opportunity to go away from the weekend. Anyway, no Canadian officials in site.

Here are some shots of the show and the opening.

Gregg’s area of the gallery

Gregg talks to Rosemary, the owner as we wait for people to come

We left the gallery around 10 and promptly got quite thoroughly lost in the back alleys of the Alfama. the weather had finally cleared and I figured we could walk home since it really is only about a 20 minute walk if you could go ten feet without getting lost. That’s a big if! We ended up winding down through many rather dark and deserted cobbled streets. Very atmospheric but I was feeling a little bit nervous! Lisbon feels safe but it is a big city and some of those doorways were very dark indeed!

Anyway, we finally made it down to the water and found a cab. I was glad to get home! Tomorrow we rent a car and head north to visit some of Gregg’s surrealist compatriots in Figuiera da Foz.

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