Europe 2010: Hanging Out in Figueira da Foz – October 11

We’re having our day in nature — very welcome after over three weeks of mostly being in the cities. After hanging out in the hotel all morning, we drove up to an amazing lookout that gave us a 360 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean, the coastline and the surrounding forests.

Looking over the Atlantic Ocean



A picnic lunch near the viewpoint reminded us of our trips around France. We drove back to Figueira through a forest of towering eucalyptus trees that really did smell like cough drops.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out in the hotel. We ate dinner at a local restaurant where the waitress gave us the choice to speak French since she didn’t speak English. It was a relief to speak a least of bit of French since we definitely understand a lot more French than Portuguese! I took a shot of my dinner. It was pretty tasty!

Gregg went off to hang out with his friends and I’ve spent the evening doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow we head back to Lisbon where we will check into our last apartment in the Alfama district not far from the gallery.

We plan to do some sightseeing around Lisbon and perhaps next weekend take another trip outside Lisbon – this time to Evora, which is east of the city.

I’m hoping I’ll finally get time to do some writing that isn’t work-related.