Europe 2010: Our First Evening in Paris

Gregg ushered me up four winding flights of old wood stairs to our wonderful Paris apartment–our home for the next week. It is lovely! The main room has very high ceilings with a huge window overlooking the street.

Up a narrow stairway is the main bathroom and the loft bedroom. The apartment is everything we expected it to be–perfect location, great size, and very comfortable. Can’t ask for better!

After a chat and a glass of wine, we forayed out for our first dinner in Paris. We went to Zeyers, a typically Parisian brasserie just a block from our place. I’d already looked it up on the Internet to check the rating–which was good! And rightly so. The wait staff were wonderfully friendly and kindly let us stumble along in French only very occasionally helping us out with a quickly muttered English word when we were at a loss. But generally, they spoke French to us and didn’t look too pained when we spoke it back.

The dinner was amazing–everything a first dinner in Paris should be. I had the Magret de Canard – duck in a cassis sauce with probably the best potatoes I’d ever had (or close to). I don’t even like potatoes! But these were melt in the mouth amazing–a cross between roasted and scalloped. I have no idea how they made them so soft yet crispy and buttery. And the green beans in butter and garlic–wonderful! Gregg’s steak was perfectly accompanied by a very nice bearnaise sauce. We killed a half liter of Loire red wine between us and were feeling no pain by the time we stumbled out!

After our fashionably late 10 pm dinner, we were home by 11:30 and in bed. I slept remarkably well considering the jet lag. I must say that taking the No Jet Lag pills on the plane really helped. Gregg also has been feeling very well since arriving in Europe. Our place is on a side street–nice and quiet (not quite Bowen quiet, but pretty quiet for Paris!).

The Sunday church bells are clanging in the distance as I write this on a beautiful sunny morning. I’m going for a brisk walk while Gregg gets ready and then we’re off for our first full day sightseeing in Paris. The work of setting of the exhibition starts tomorrow–but today is for being les touristes.