Exercising My Way Across Paris

Tuesday, September 22–the opening of the exposition is tonight but in the meantime, I decided to go to not one but two fitness classes. As if the endless walking was not enough! In the morning I took the Metro across the river to the tres, tres chic 16th arrondisement where I made my way down the Avenue Victor Hugo to the address of a studio where a woman from the United States teaches the Dailey Method. She is actually the sister of []

Dinner in the Marais

There’s no time to rest when en vacance! After dropping in on Gregg at the gallery, I snatched a very brief nap and then got ready to go out for the evening in the Marais. Clyde Reed, Gregg’s friend and the bass player he’s played with for many many years, along with his wife Cheryl, were also in Paris. They were staying in a wonderful little apartment in the heart of the Marais. We cabbed it over to their place and were soon enjoying []

Faire de Shopping

Rarely in Paris (actually probably never) have I had the time to just wander about and shop to my heart’s content. In fact, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever spent much time wandering around Paris on my own. Well, I’m certainly getting lots of opportunity now. Gregg will be sitting the show every day for the week and so I’m pretty much on my own. Of course, that suits me—I like nothing better than to wander around a []

Exercise Class in Paris

I think having one post for each day is going to prove too unwieldy so I’ll break the days into topics! Rick Steves, my favorite travel guru, wrote that travel is concentrated living and he certainly got that right! One day of sightseeing and just being in a new location seems to last forever compared with a typical day at home. So, I left the gallery and hopped the Metro for a long ride up to Place de Clichy in the northwest []

The Paintings Arrive!

On Monday morning we left our lovely apartment and walked the two blocks to the gallery – Espace Kameleon. I was surprisingly clear headed considering the quantity of red wine I’d confused at the Jim Haynes soiree the night before. However, my stomach was in a bit of a knot. This was the moment of truth. Would the three crates that Gregg packed with paintings back on Bowen Island actually show up at the door of a gallery 8000 miles away at []

First Full Day in Paris

After a surprisingly good sleep, I took a quick constitutional around the neighbourhood to scope it out and then Gregg and I sallied forth for our only full day in Paris together! For the rest of the week, Gregg will mostly be at the gallery sitting his show while I plan to sightsee, write, and search out Nia classes. We walked down to Montparnasse station–about a fifteen minute walk–to catch the last day of an exhibition at the Musee de la Poste []

First Evening in Paris

Gregg ushered me up four winding flights of old wood stairs to our wonderful Paris apartment–our home for the next week. It is lovely! The main room has very high ceilings with a huge window overlooking the street. Up a narrow stairway is the main bathroom and the loft bedroom. The apartment is everything we expected it to be–perfect location, great size, and very comfortable. Can’t ask for better! After a chat and a glass of wine, we forayed out for our first dinner []

Long and Winding Road to Paris

My time in Schiphol airport–all clean and bright and shining–came to an abrupt end when I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. I collected my bag and began the long, long trek to the train station where, allegedly, I could hop on a train that would whisk me to within two metro stops of our apartment down in Montparnasse. But, alas, there was “travaux dans la ligne.” In other words, the tracks of the RER train that went to the []

In Schiphol Airport

I made it to Amsterdam and am sitting at a very nicely designed laptop bar in the central food court area of Schiphol airport. The flight over was remarkably smooth and easy—the time flew by so to speak. I managed to watch all of the Prince of Persia—a movie long on special effects and very short on plot but very easy on the eyes without much dialog. I find that movies with a lot of dialog don’t work well on airplanes with []

The Countdown Begins

With just 20 odd hours to go before my plane takes off for Europe, I’m feeling just about as prepared as I’ll ever be. I’m all packed and already horrified by the weight of my suitcase. As a card carrying member of the travel light school, I never would have dreamed that I would one day take a suitcase that feels as if it weighs more than I do.  Throw in the computer and two of Rick Steves’ travel guides and I’m grateful I took []