In Schiphol Airport

I made it to Amsterdam and am sitting at a very nicely designed laptop bar in the central food court area of Schiphol airport. The flight over was remarkably smooth and easy—the time flew by so to speak. I managed to watch all of the Prince of Persia—a movie long on special effects and very short on plot but very easy on the eyes without much dialog. I find that movies with a lot of dialog don’t work well on airplanes with sketchy earphones.  I managed to kind of doze off for about three hours, although found it difficult to find a comfortable position even though I was cozily ensconced at the window.
I’ll be in Amsterdam for about two hours—time enough to have just finished a light lunch with a heavy price tag. Three euros for a small bottle of water—best not to convert! However, the salad was more or less edible and the latte drinkable. I asked for a nonfat latte and the girl looked at me like I was crazy. They don’t have nonfat in Europe? I’m in trouble!
I’m charging up my phone at this fancy laptop bar—a high round table surrounded by six high chairs set at the perfect height for working on a laptop without incurring major shoulder soreness. Very smart.
Schiphol airport is certainly slick and modern—a great deal of chrome and twinkly lights. Most of the signs are in English and so far everyone has spoken it to me which is just as well since my Dutch is confined to please and thank you at best. From where I’m sitting, I could be just about at any airport the world—complete with Burger King, Starbucks, and the usual complement of designer duty free shops. Outside piles of fluffy white clouds and a blue sky signal a nice day in Amsterdam but not for me. I should be taking off in about an hour for Paris.
Let’s hope I can connect with Gregg at the apartment after my journey in from the airport on the train. My phone is now charged so hopefully it will work when I try to call him. I am very much looking forward to getting to the apartment, having a nice hot shower, and then venturing forth for our first evening in Paris!

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  1. Hello Carol,Megan sent me this link. I was in Schipol the night before on my way home from a meeting in The Hague. If you have to be stuck somewhere it's one of the best.Have a good trip and remember that I know well quite a few of the places you are going so feel free to ask for tips.Best wishes Mike Osborne

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